Safety Cable with Second Quick link

The safety cable Saveking® 3 mm is standard equipped with a second quick link, according to DIN 56927 nominal size (NG) 5B code B140. This cable complies with the strict requirements set by the trade fair locations in Germany.
The cable complies with DIN 12385-4 Table 12 Cable class 6x19M with a plastic core with a nominal strength of 1.770 N / mm2. The minimum breaking load (MBK) is 4.89kN.
The Safety cable is provided with a label containing the following information:
- Type of rope = safety rope
- Manufacturer ID
- Year of production
- Batches No. (e.g. 12/10 for traceability)
- CE stamp for EU conformity
- Type = Saveking®
- Rope diameter = 3mm
- Mass to be secured = max. 20kg (for the single-stranded backup method)
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