NOVI 50W LED vs Nepro 240W Halogen

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Compare Novi 50W LED with Nepro 240W Halogen

LED wins 5 times

1. Constant light quality
50% decline of initial lumen after certain periode of time

2. Lifetime
50.000 hrs (LED) versus 2.500 hrs (Halogen)

3. Efficiency
Halogen: 4900lm / 240W = 20,4 lm/w
LED 50W: 5650lm / 50W = 113 lm/w

4. Energie saving
Less power, less lights, less failure, longer lifetime = Savings

5. Maintenace
Halogen lights must be replaced 5 - 6 times during lifetime

Universal use

The specially designed mounting clips allows for the same armlights to be mounted on diverse stand construction systems.

The armlights can also easily be linked with connection cables.

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