ExpoSupply is a developer, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of exclusive LED lighting, floor panels and wall panels for the stand construction industry and the events branch.

ExpoSupply is an ambitious company based in Kampen (the Netherlands). Born from stand construction company ExpoTeam, which has been building high-quality stands for decades all over the world, ExpoSupply serves the expo sector worldwide with high-quality solutions in lighting, floors and walls.

ExpoSupply translates on the basis of practical experience the needs that play in the market for practical, sustainable products and solutions that meet the highest demands. Thanks to the fact that development and production take place entirely in-house, ExpoSupply offers highly effective but above all affordable solutions.

Our ambition is to be a leading player on the world market within five years in the expoLed, expoFloor and expoPanel product categories. Price-quality, correct delivery and the right product have our focus. We make every effort to ensure that your customers enjoy an exclusive look

ExpoSupply takes its social responsibility by developing sustainable products that last a long time and are produced in an environmentally friendly way. ExpoFloor and expoPanel are for example produced with recycled raw materials. ExpoLed products contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to their high energy efficiency and long life. The climate also benefits from ExpoSupply.



Name: Adriaan A. Visser
Function: Founder and CEO
Email: a.visser@exposupply.com

Name: Peter Floor
Function: International Sales Manager
Email: p.floor@exposupply.com

Name: Miranda van der Bend
Function: International Sales Support
Email: m.vanderbend@exposupply.com

Name: Marie-Lupe Stapper
Function: Finance
Email: finance@exposupply.com