ExpoFloor floor panels for a super sleek and exclusive look

Directly to products
Directly to products

High gloss or matte

The panels are sprayed in colour and provided with a high-gloss or matte finish.

All colours available

Any RAL colour can be produced, so that the floor is tailored to the style of your exhibition stand.

Printed panels

Available with any print. Same image on each panel or one image on the entire area.

stand construction Floor panels edges in colour

Edges in colour

The edges are painted in the same colour, so the seams are barely visible.

Optional: Metallic look or High Resistance

Frequently asked questions about ExpoFloor

Is a subfloor necessary before the ExpoFloor can be laid?
This depends on the condition of the floor, where the panels will be placed. If the floor is flat, the panels can be laid directly on it. If the floor is not flat, it is advisable to lay a subfloor.
Can the ExpoFloor panels be used several times?
This depends on how the panels are used and how it is handled. The panels are provided with a hard top layer.
Is the ExpoFloor an elevated floor system?
ExpoFloor must be seen as a floor covering, just like carpet or laminate.

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Fashion shows


Car shows


Rental companies


TV shows

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