ExpoLed stands for innovative and exclusive LED lighting for stand construction

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Specifically for stand construction

The ExpoLed lighting meets the requirements for use in stand construction. In addition, the lamps are robust for repeated assembly and disassembly.

Led lighting with high light output

High light output

The most powerful LED lighting available for stand construction. With 70 Watt display spots up to 8,700 lumens and 150 Watt floodlights up to 26,000 lumens.

Led lighting universally applicable

Universally applicable

Use the same lamp on every stand construction system. With a wide range of clips, the same lamp can be used on a traditional wooden wall, an aluminium system such as Aluvision, beMatrix, Octanorm, Syma, Modul, etc. or on a truss.

Led lighting energy efficient

Energy efficient

Replacing a lamp just before the fair starts - or even during the fair - is history. Thanks to the extremely long lifespan of LEDs, you can save time, money and irritation. With the use of LED you save a lot of energy costs for you and your customer.

Led lighting with various colour temperatures

Various colour temperatures

All ExpoLed lights are available in the colour temperature that suits the stand you are building, ranging from 3000 Kelvin (warm white), 4000 Kelvin (neutral white) or 5800 Kelvin (cold white).

Frequently asked questions

What is Kelvin (color temperature / light color)?
The light color is always indicated with a certain color temperature, for this the unit ´Kelvin´ is used. A warm light color has a low number of Kelvin, for example 2300K. A warm white light color slightly higher, 3000K. A cold (almost blue) light color is usually 5000-6500 Kelvin.
What exactly is a LED?
The abbreviation LED stands for the English '' Light Emitting Diode ''. This literally means a light-emitting diode. A diode is an electronic component. Usually this component is placed in a very small casing so that the light is better displayed and the LED itself does not break down. Although the abbreviation is LED, the Dutch language union has decided that the word is so common that it can also be written in small letters.
What are Low power LEDs?
The first type of LEDs on the market were the low power LEDs. These are the same kind of LEDs that you would also encounter in your remote control. For normal LED lamps, these LEDs were also used first. Partly because of this many people were disappointed in the first LED lamps that came on the market.
What is the beam angle?
The beam angle indicates the extent to which the light from the lamp shining in width. This can differ from a narrow light angle of, for example, 30 degrees to a wide light angle of, for example, 180 degrees. A narrow beam angle is used to illuminate a small area and for a larger area you can better choose a lamp with a wide beam angle.

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