ExpoPanel wall panels for a sleek appearance of your exhibition wall

Directly to products
Directly to products

High gloss or matt

The panels are sprayed in colour and provided with a high-gloss or matt finish

Wall panels construction stand 6 mm thick for Aluvision or beMatrix

6 mm thick for Aluvision or beMatrix

The dimensions of the wall panels fit exactly within the frames for an exclusive look.

10 mm thick for walls or floors

Large-format panels are provided with a groove on all sides for use on walls or as a floor.

Most frequently asked questions about ExpoPanel

Can ExpoPanel panels be used several times?
This depends on how the panels are used and how it is handled. The panels are provided with a hard top layer.
How do I install the ExpoPanel wall panels?
The 6 mm panels can be mounted in existing systems of modular stand construction. Velcro tape is used for this. This is applied to the panels and on the frames. Exposupply can deliver this tape.
What is the expected delivery time?
For the packages in the colors black and white the delivery time is on average 3 working days, provided they are available in stock. In case of different colors the delivery time is 10-15 working days.
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