META 25 External

The slim and classic META spotlight gives nice light distribution thanks to its wide head and has a light output of up to 2,750 lumens. The external adapter provides the power for the display spot.

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25 Watts
Max. 2,750 lumens
Input voltage (V)
AC 100-240V
480 x 75 x 24 mm
Aluminum / Metal

Properties META 25 External

Led lighting Display spots Meta 25 External Clip for each system
Clip for each system
Led lighting Display spots Meta 25 External Slim design
Slim design
Led lighting Display spots Meta 25 External Wide light beam
Wide light beam
Led lighting Display spots Meta 25 External Uniform light distribution
Uniform light distribution

What you might want to know about the META 25 External

What is the common mounting distance between two display spots?
This strongly depends on the light intensity to be achieved and the presence of other lighting sources, but a distance between 100 and 200 cm is generally used, where 150 cm is usually taken as the standard.
Which clips are available?
Exposupply thinks along with its customers and has designed several clips on special request. In the product catalogue on this site you will find all available clips that can be used for all our display spots.
Which display spotlight is suitable for which height?
The META 25 is suitable for a height of 2-2.5 metres; The LUMI 30 is suitable for a height of 2.5-3 metres; The NOVI 50 is suitable for a height of 3-5 metres; The NOVI 70 is suitable for a height of 4-6 metres.
What is Kelvin (color temperature / light color)?
The light color is always indicated with a certain color temperature, for this the unit ´Kelvin´ is used. A warm light color has a low number of Kelvin, for example 2300K. A warm white light color slightly higher, 3000K. A cold (almost blue) light color is usually 5000-6500 Kelvin.
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