Plug & play edgelit lightbox module with integrated adapter. Powerful light source on the sides of a lightbox, for easy and quick installation, without an external driver. Direct power supply (AC 100-240V) with a regular power plug.

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LED number/type
5 LED´s - type SMD
Luminous flux
Max. 1450 lm
Input power (W)
3 Watt/LED
Light range
1250 mm (max 1500 mm)
Input voltage (V)
AC 100 - 240V
Beam angle
45˚x 10˚
393 x 26 x 14 mm
Colour temp
7000 K
Lamp lifetime
30.000 hrs
Lightbox depth
60 - 200 mm
Power in + power out
Max lightbox dim.
2500 mm (lighted sides)
Energy label
Up to 20 modules connect in series

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Frequently asked questions about the LONA edgelit lightbox module

How many LONA lightbox modules can be connected in series?
Up to 20 LONA modules can be connected in series, which is usually considerably more than with traditional lightbox modules that work with drivers.
Why doesn't the LONA need driver(s)?
In contrast to existing lightbox modules, the LONA incorporates the driver directly into the module. In other words, it is not necessary to first convert the current to the correct voltage before it passes through the module. This makes connecting and mounting the LONA much easier and more accessible.
Why is the depth of the lightbox variable in the specifications?
The profiles on which the lightbox modules are mounted may vary in width between 60 and 200 mm. Apart from the different types of profiles, each with their own width (or depth, how you look at it), several elements influence the way the light of the modules is displayed and experienced. Think of the thickness and transparency of the canvas, the type of visual (uniform/diverse colours) and the type of background (white is more reflective). Therefore a depth of the lightbox of e.g. 60 mm may be suitable in one situation, but less in the other.
How come the LONA LEDs have a housing, while most modules are open?
Because the driver is integrated in the module, this means that a voltage of 220V goes through the LONA. In contrast to the modules that operate on 24V, this is a risk to human health. Therefore, the electrical and electronic components must be covered.
What is the difference between the connection cables and the extension cable?
The connection cables provide the connection between the various LONA modules. If they are not long enough, two connection cables can be connected to each other thanks to the extension cable with adapted connectors. In this way, the most diverse connections and set-ups can be made if necessary.
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