VICI 27 / 9

Illuminate your lightbox with the powerful 6500k VICI edgelit modules. Equipped with 9 conical lenses (27 Watt) for a light output of 2,700 lumens, or a short module with 3 conical lenses (9 Watt) for 900 lumens. Available with 2-pin and 3-pin versions.

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27 W (long) / 9 W (short)
Luminous flux
Max. 2700 lm
LED number/type
9 / 3 LED´s (long/short) - type SMD
Light range
1500 mm (max 2000 mm)
Input power (W)
3 Watt/LED
Beam angle
39° x 13°
Input voltage (V)
DC 24V
Lamp lifetime
30,000 hrs
470x23x18 mm / 200x23x18 mm
Colour temp
6500 K
2-pins or 3-pins (male-female)
Lightbox depth
60-200 mm
Max lightbox dim.
4000 mm (lighted sides)
Energy label
Max 4x 27W serially connected

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Features VICI

Led lighting Lightboxes Vici 27/9 6500K
6500 K
Led lighting Lightboxes Vici 27/9 Concial lenses
Conical lenses
Led lighting Lightboxes Vici 27/9 2-pins and 3-pins
2 pins or 3 pins
Led lighting Lightboxes Vici 27/9 High light performance
High light performance

Frequently asked questions about the VICI edgelit lightbox module

Why do the VICI LEDs have a conical shape? What are the advantages?
The specific conical shape creates a narrower and more powerful beam than traditional LED lenses. The light emitted by the SMD LED is therefore more focused. Another additional advantage of this 'open' lens is that a small amount of light is diffused directly sideways, making the typical shadows at the edges of the lightbox a thing of the past.
What is the difference between the 2-pin and 3-pin version?
The VICI is delivered in a 2- or 3-pin version to meet the needs of the customer: Technically there is no difference between the two, however many companies already have a lot of 2-pin or 3-pin cables for other applications. By offering both versions, already available connection material can be used. Contrary to what is sometimes thought, the 3-pin version is not dimmable.
How many VICI lightbox modules can be connected in series?
The long version of the VICI module with 9 LEDs (27W) allows 4 modules to be connected in series. In order to connect them a matching driver is always necessary, according to the total Wattage required. When the powerful 240W driver is used in combination with the ´driver connection cable duo´, up to 8 VICI modules can be connected.
What do the scissor figures on the long VICI module mean?
To make the VICI module as usable and practical as possible, it can be reduced to shorter modules of 6 or 3 LEDs in two places. The connection may simply be cut, in which case the wires must be soldered at the points indicated.
What distance to the fabric should I keep with the VICI module?
The profiles on which the lightbox modules are installed may vary in width between 60 and 200 mm. Apart from the different types of profiles, each with their own width (or depth, how you look at it), several elements influence the way the light of the modules is displayed and experienced. Think of the thickness and transparency of the canvas, the type of visual (uniform/diverse colours) and the type of background (white is more reflective). Therefore a depth of the lightbox of for example 60 mm may be suitable in one situation, but less so in another.
What is the purpose of the ´driver connection cable duo´?
The powerful 240W Meanwell driver is capable of powering up to 8 VICI modules, however, not all 8 must be connected in series to prevent overloading of the individual modules. The ´driver connection cable duo´ functions as a splitter that is connected to the 240W driver output, allowing 2x four modules to be connected and preventing overload.
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