YONI 12 / 6

Most powerful 12 or 6 Watt LED backlit module. With a light output of 1,200 or 600 lumens and 7000K color temperature. For use on the back of your one-sided lightbox.

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12 W (long) / 6 W (short)
Luminous flux
Max. 1,200 lm
LED number/type
12 / 6 LED´s (long/short) - type SMD
Light range
See ´lightbox depth´ (backlit)
Input power (W)
1 Watt/LED
Beam angle
Input voltage (V)
DC 24V
Lightbox depth
40-150 mm
960x20x7,2 mm / 480x20x7,2 mm
Lamp lifetime
30,000 hrs
2-pins (male-female)
Colour temp
7000 K (cool white)
Max 12 pcs serially connected
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Frequently asked questions about the YONI backlit lightbox module

What distance to the fabric should I keep with the YONI module?
As the YONI is a 'backlit' module, the strips are mounted on the back wall of the lightbox. By keeping a distance of between 40 and 150 mm from the fabric, it is prevented that the individual LED's are visible as dots, but also that the brightness would become too low. Apart from these indications, several elements always influence the way the light of the modules is displayed and experienced. Think of the thickness and transparency of the fabric, or the type of visual (uniform/diverse colors). A distance of e.g. 60 mm can be suitable in one situation, but not optimal in the other. A small practical test is usually the best guarantee for success.
How many YONI lightbox modules can be connected in series?
The long version of the YONI module (12W) allows up to 12 modules to be connected in series. In order to connect them a matching driver is always necessary, according to the total Wattage required. When the powerful 240W driver is used in combination with the ´driver connection cable duo´, up to 20 YONI modules can be connected (2x 10 strips per output)
What is the distance between multiple rows of YONI modules to be handled?
The center distance between the LEDs on a YONI module is always 80 mm. Since the aim of a backlit strip is to create as even a grid as possible by means of several rows of modules, the center distance between the LEDs of two different rows should also be 80 mm. In practice this means a distance of 60 mm between two rows (the distance from the center of the LED to the side of the YONI module is already 10 mm).
What is the purpose of the driver connection cable duo?
The powerful 240W Meanwell driver is capable of powering up to 20 YONI modules, however, not all 20 must be connected in series to prevent overloading of the individual modules. The ´driver connection cable duo´ functions as a splitter that is connected to the 240W driver output, allowing 2x 10 modules to be connected and preventing overload.
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