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LUMI 30 Pro Tri-Color

Meet the LUMI 30 Pro, the Tri-Color display spot! 🤝🏻

Thanks to the magic Tri-Color switch, you can easily switch between warm, neutral and cold white light to create the perfect atmosphere for your end customer.


3 Colour temperatures

Easily switch between warm (3000k), neutral (4000k) and cold white (5700k) light with the switch. The desired colour temperature in the blink of an eye.


Personalised lighting plan

Offer personalised lighting plans and stand out from the competition. Create the perfect atmosphere in your end customer’s exhibition stand.

3 to 4 metres height  

Use the LUMI 30 Pro to illuminate walls, banners or for general stand lighting. Suitable for use at heights of 3 to 4 metres. Timeless model and easy to combine.

Easy Mounting 

Designed with easy assembly in mind, so your own team can effortlessly do the assembly themselves.

Display spots are easily interconnected thanks to the built-in driver. The LUMI 30 Pro is available as Wieland GST18 or IEC (C13-C14).


Any stand construction system & timber construction

Thanks to our extensive range of mounting clips, the LUMI 30 Pro offers versatile mounting options. The Tri-Color Display spot is easy to attach to any stand construction system, such as beMatrix, Aluvision, Syma, Octanorm, and many more. Moreover, the LUMI 30 Pro is also suitable for use in timber construction projects.



  • Power consumption: 30 Watt
  • Output up to 3700 lumens
  • Built-in driver
  • Clips for any exhibition stand system
  • Interconnectable with IEC C13-C14 or Wieland GST18
  • CE, TUV-GS certification
  • Compatible with LUMI 30

Want to experience the LUMI 30 Pro for yourself?

Request a DEMO here. Several options are available.

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