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Wide range of Edgelit or Backlit LED modules to customize each lightbox according to your needs. Even available with integrated adapter.

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What makes the Lightbox modules unique?

Integrated adapter

Various lengths

What makes the Lightbox modules unique?

The lightbox modules have been developed specifically for the stand construction industry. The modules can be shortened to the desired length to fit the required length of the aluminum frame.

The LONA modules are unique because they can be connected directly to the power supply without separate adapters due to the integrated adapter.

High light output

Exposupply’s lightbox modules are characterised by their high light output. Thanks to the specially developed lenses attached to the edgelit modules, large distances can be covered to evenly illuminate large light boxes.

Edgelit or Backlit modules

There are two types of lightbox modules: edgelit and backlit. Edgelit modules are placed on the frame at the sides of the fabric. The lenses ensure that the light beam reaches narrow and far to illuminate the entire surface of the lightbox.

With backlit, the modules are placed behind the canvas. This is ideally suited for shallow lightboxes. The lenses ensure that the light is spread wide and shallow.

Plug & Play

The LONA is a unique plug & play edgelit module with an integrated adapter. In no time, the modules are placed on your aluminum profile, without the need for an external driver. There is direct power supply with a regular power plug.

Single-sided or double-sided

Depending on the overall size of the lightbox, you can consider placing the modules on two sides of the lightbox. In some cases, it is better to mount the modules on all sides for optimal results. Contact customer service for advice.

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Different lengths or shortening

The edgelit and backlit lightbox modules are available in different lengths so that the modules can be fitted at the right distance. Some modules can also be shortened to the desired length.

Various accessories

The modules without integrated adapter are available with a small 2-pin connector or with a larger 3-pin connector to connect the modules. The 3-pin connector can be combined with Pixlip’s modules. Exposupply has various accessories for the lightboxes, such as connection cables and drivers with different wattages.

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