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Using the revolutionary BLOXX, the aluminium frames can now be stacked by 1 person.

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Bloxx hulpmiddel

Up to 50% faster stacking and de-stacking of a pallet with aluminum frames. Up to 70% faster when stacking a pallet of different sizes.

Stacking with 1 employee.  Ideal for tight stacking shifts. Also for pallets with the largest frames.

Investment is earned back in less than 5 times stacking and unstacking a full pallet. Huge savings on labour costs.

Thanks to BLOXX’s smart design and durable material, its lifespan is at least 10x longer than the standard transport corners.

What makes Bloxx unique?

Easy stacking with Bloxx

1 Person Required

Bloxx stacking solution Aluvision

10x Longer lifespan

Bloxx tool to lift frames

50% Faster stacking

What makes Bloxx unique?

Stacking and unstacking the aluminium frames can now be done by one person, saving a lot of time and money. Using the traditional transport corners that come with the aluminium frames is now a thing of the past. No more corners getting stuck when lifting a frame, no more broken corners, no more warped frames.

Savings with Bloxx

Bloxx’s durable (ABS) products are 20% larger than standard transport cubes, they are smooth and have rounded corners, so they fit into the corners of frames very easily. 

Stacking the frames can now be done by 1 person. The payback time of Bloxx is equal to 5 times stacking and unstacking a pallet of frames.

Bloxx yellow corner piece

For all aluminium frames

Bloxx products are universally applicable in Aluvision, beMatrix, Matrixdecor, Matrix Systems and Exposure aluminium frames. Please contact us for more information.

Bloxx stacking solution Aluvision


Bloxx products are made from sustainable plastic types and packaged in an environmentally friendly way.

The use of sustainable high-quality plastics ensures a lifespan up to 10 times longer compared to the standard transport cube.

Bloxx stacking solution Aluvision

BLOXX: patented product

The revolutionary BLOXX are patented. The research and development of BLOXX took 3 years and finally resulted in this unique product, which all users of matrix frames have been waiting for.

Bloxx patent

Bloxx Sample Box

Experience the convenience of the revolutionary Bloxx stacking blocks. The Bloxx Sample Box contains 4 yellow and 2 black Bloxx stacking blocks in miniature versions of the aluminium frames.

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