ExpoSupply develops, innovates and produces based on practical experience in stand construction

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LED exhibition lights

ExpoLed is a complete and innovative range of exhibition lighting for the stand construction and event industry.
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Floor panels

ExpoFloor floor panels for an exclusive, high-profile floor. Can be used in stand construction, at trade fairs, fashion shows, events, TV studios, etc.
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Wall panels

ExpoPanel wall panels in high-gloss or matt finish that are especially suitable for modular stand construction systems from Aluvision and BeMatrix.
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"Nice sleek floor panels. They have little transport volume and are super fast to lay".

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Advanced manufacturing of the panels by dedicated employees

Solutions based on our knowledge and experience

ExpoSupply arose from a need for good solutions for stand construction.
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Questions we often get

What is the gloss rate of the panels?
ExpoSupply floor and wall panels are available with a matt and high-gloss finish. When a surface acquires the meaning of matt or high gloss, it is based on certain calculations. Learn here for more information:
What is the expected delivery time?
For the packages in the colors black and white the delivery time is on average 3 working days, provided they are available in stock.
How are the ExpoFloor panels connected to each other?
By placing the HDF strips in the grooves of the panels, the panels can be simply pushed together. We advise to glue the edges with double-sided tape.
What exactly is a LED?
The abbreviation LED stands for the English '' Light Emitting Diode ''. This literally means a light-emitting diode. A diode is an electronic component. Usually this component is placed in a very small casing so that the light is better displayed and the LED itself does not break down. Although the abbreviation is LED, the Dutch language union has decided that the word is so common that it can also be written in small letters.

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