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Example projects ExpoFloor floor panels

Exposupply offers a wide range of floor panels in different colours and prints. Get inspired by the examples where Exposupply’s Expofloor floor panels have been applied.

ExpoFloor White

White ExpoFloor floor panels are available in both high-gloss and matt finishes. This allows you to create the perfect ambiance to suit your presentation.

ExpoFloor Print

Printed floor panels can be printed with your own graphics. Choose a single print (repeating image) or split image (spread over total area) and customize your floor design in detail.

ExpoFloor Black

ExpoFloor black floor panels are available in both glossy and matt finishes. Go for the glossy finish to create a luxurious and eye-catching atmosphere, literally giving the floor the function of a mirror.

ExpoFloor Custom colour

Give your presentation a unique and personal touch with ExpoFloor Custom Colour. These floor panels can be made in any RAL colour you want, giving you complete freedom to create the perfect floor for your presentation.