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Track lights

The track spotlights feature the latest generation of LED technology and can be used in a 3-phase rail system.

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What makes track lights unique?

Colour temperature switch

3-phase rail system

What makes track lights unique?

Various Exposupply LED track lights can be switched in several colour temperatures, namely 3000K (warm-white), 4000K (neutral-white) and cold-white (5700K). This ensures optimum flexibility for you as a stand builder and allows you to use the same track lights in projects where a different light colour is desired.

Powerful 3-phase track lights

At an exhibition stand, you want to be flexible. Both in terms of the type of lighting and the location of the lamps and can be used in a 3-phase rail. The click system in the track lights makes them easy to attach to the voltage rails. This way, the light source can be moved to the location where the light needs to be directed.

3-phase track system

The 3-phase track system allows you to control 3 separate groups of lighting. To control the different groups, you can use the turning mechanism, which you can set to stage 1, stage 2, or stage 3. You can also choose to give the 3 phases all their own switch, allowing you to have multiple lighting scenes on one voltage rail.


For optimum flexibility, Exposupply has a track spotlight that can be switched between different colour temperatures. The same spotlight can thus be used to apply warm white light (3000 Kelvin), neutral white light (4000 K) or cold light (5700 K). This track spot is available with a white or black housing.

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