Bloxx Lifting tool

sku: BLX-LT

The Bloxx lifting tool makes stacking and unstacking several frames... read more

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Product information

The Bloxx lifting tool makes stacking and unstacking several frames quick and easy. They are made of sustainable plastic which guarantees optimal ease of use and durability.


Total dimensions
250 x 30 x 30 mm

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Easy stacking with Bloxx

1 Person needed

Bloxx stacking solution Aluvision

10x Longer lifespan

Bloxx tool to lift frames

50% Faster stacking

What makes Bloxx unique?

Stacking and unstacking the aluminium frames can now be done by one person, saving a lot of time and money. Using the traditional transport corners that come with the aluminium frames is now a thing of the past. No more corners getting stuck when lifting a frame, no more broken corners, no more warped frames.

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