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Holland’s Got Talent Stage

Holland’s Got Talent, the popular television programme that spotlights outstanding talent from all corners of the Netherlands. An impressive stage set-up is important to do justice to the performances. In the past season, Exposupply supplied the floor to the set designer who built the stunning stage.


For the show, Holland’s Got Talent used a combination of white and black high-gloss floor panels. When it comes to stage design, every element plays a crucial role in creating an unforgettable experience for the audience. One of the most striking and versatile elements that instantly grab the audience’s attention are black high-gloss floor panels. These floor panels have the power to influence atmosphere, enhance aesthetics and take performers’ performances to the next level.

Black-but also white-high-gloss floor panels exude elegance and sophistication. Their smooth, reflective surfaces create a visually impressive effect, where light and shadow blend harmoniously. The black panels act more or less like a mirror and can reflect light and images perfectly, adding a sense of depth and dynamism to the stage.