Gaffa tape – matt – 50mm x 50m

sku: TSG-50

Gaffa tape – matt – 50mm x 50m

sku: TSG-50

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Leaves no glue residues

Matt appearance

Special width for matrix frames

Product information

Discover the versatility of our gaffer tape, also known as gaffa tape, duct tape or stage tape. This high-quality tape is an indispensable tool in stage and stand construction and in the AV industry because of its excellent quality and wide range of applications.
Gaffer tape is quick to attach and remove, which is essential for quick set-up and take-down work. When removed, gaffer tape leaves no adhesive residue, unlike duct tape, for example. Gaffer tape is thus semi-permanent.
Thanks to its easy tear-off by hand, our tape is also extremely user-friendly.
With its matt appearance, gaffer tape offers a professional and discreet finish, perfect for use on stages, theatres, studios and exhibition stands. Moreover, the gaffer tape comes in three different standard widths, making this matt tape also very suitable in combination with the beMatrix or Aluvision frames.
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Adhesion on steel (N/25mm)
0,3 mm
Glue residue
50 mm
50 meter
One-side 580M
LDPE coated cloth
Moisture resistance
Tensile strength (N/25mm)
Working temperatur
-15 ºC - +50 ºC
Quantity in box
24 rolls
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Gaffer and Duct tape?

Gaffer tape, also known as gaffer’s tape, is mainly used in the entertainment industry because of its matte finish that does not reflect under camera lights. It also does not leave adhesive residue. On the other hand, duct tape is glossy and is used for permanent fixing and is water-resistant. It is often used for temporary repairs and construction purposes because of its durability.

What can I use Gaffer tape for?

Gaffer tape is often used in stand construction for cable fixing, decoration, repairs and floor markings. Its strong adhesion and flexibility make it a reliable choice for safely and neatly organising stands during events.

Which Gaffer tape should I use in combination with beMatrix frames?

Gaffer tape with a width of 62cm to tape the sides of the frames. It is available in several colours.

Which gaffer tape should I use in combination with Aluvsion frames?

Gaffer tape with a width of 55 cm to tape the sides of the frames. This is available in several colours.

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