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Bloxx Yellow – The Ultimate Stacking Block for Efficiency and... read more

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Bloxx Yellow – The Ultimate Stacking Block for Efficiency and Reliability

  • Suitable for Aluvision, beMatrix, Matrixdecor, Nexus, etc.
  • 50% faster stacking
  • Only 1 person needed
  • Return on investment after 5 times


Discover the power of Bloxx, the indispensable block designed to optimise stacking of aluminium matrix frames. This patented product offers long life, excellent compatibility with leading brands such as Aluvision, beMatrix, Matrixdecor, Nexus, and many more. With Bloxx Yellow, you achieve unprecedented efficiency and save valuable time and effort.

The durable ABS material from which Bloxx is made guarantees a long service life. These stacking blocks can withstand heavy loads and are designed not to break or get stuck in frames. This means you can stack without interruptions, resulting in a smooth and efficient process.

With Bloxx, you can stack frames and pallets up to 50% faster than with traditional methods. This means huge time savings and increased productivity. Moreover, Bloxx’s unique design makes it possible to stack and unstack an entire pallet of frames with just one person. This reduces the need for extra manpower and makes stacking more efficient than ever before.

The investment in Bloxx pays for itself quickly. After just 5 uses of these stacking blocks, you will already have recouped the investment through increased productivity and reduced man-hours required. You will soon notice how Bloxx significantly improves the efficiency of your stacking operations and reduces costs.


Gross weight
12 g
Total dimensions
65 x 49 x 20 mm

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Easy stacking with Bloxx

1 Person needed

Bloxx stacking solution Aluvision

10x Longer lifespan

Bloxx tool to lift frames

50% faster stacking

What makes Bloxx unique?

Stacking and unstacking the aluminium frames can now be done by one person, saving a lot of time and money. Using the traditional transport corners that come with the aluminium frames is now a thing of the past. No more corners getting stuck when lifting a frame, no more broken corners, no more warped frames.

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