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NordicFloor Loose Lay PVC

Loose Lay floor elements that are easily and quickly laid in place, without using glue or a click system.


Reuse = durable
Easy to clean and maintain

Quick to lay and to remove

Scratch resistant

1000 Series

Collection with warm wood tones

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2100 Series

Collection featuring wood tones with grey glow

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9500 Series

Collection with a modern concrete look

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NordicFloor Collections

The NordicFloor collections are carefully selected. One collection contains the same pattern in various shades. The NordicFloor 1000 collection exudes hospitality with warm wood tones. And the NordicFloor 2100 offers a sophisticated look with subtle grey tones. For a modern impression, there is the 9500 Series with concrete look. Choose the NordicFloor that suits your desired look.

Reuse = Durable

NordicFloor Loose Lay contributes to sustainability in stand construction. Loose Lay elements can be installed on most hard floors and underfloors. This ensures fast installation and dismantling, and is therefore perfect for repeated use. Without the hassle of clicking or gluing, it can be easily dismantled without damage. This makes it possible to reuse the floor even up to 10 times. A durable choice that counts.

No problems with shrinking and expansion

NordicFloor Loose Lay PVC is known for its unique ability to not shrink or expand, even with large temperature differences. This means you won’t suffer from unwanted gaps or bulges in your floor if the floor is laid in a cold exhibition hall and the temperature suddenly rises during the exhibition days. Whether it’s a short-term event or a long-term trade fair, with NordicFloor you can be assured of a floor that remains as sleek and stable as on the first day.

Quickly laid and removed

Save time and money with NordicFloor Loose Lay, as the weight and rubber anti-slip structure on the backing keep the floor elements firmly in place. Laying the floor elements and dismantling them is a simple task.  Where other systems leave adhesive residues and damage, the subfloor under the Loose Lay PVC remains as clean and tidy as it was when installed.

NordicFloor Samples

Discover for yourself the beautiful colours and high quality of the NordicFloor Loose Lay collection.

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What makes Loose Lay PVC unique?


No shrinkage or expansion

Unique for stand construction

What makes Loose Lay PVC unique?

Where NordicFloor excels is in not shrinking or expanding with temperature changes. The simple and very quick installation of NordicFloor Loose Lay flooring elements ensure its enormous popularity. Maintenance is extremely low and even in the event of a paint spill, for example, a single floor element can be changed very quickly with a new one, without having to open up a large part of the floor.

In addition, Loose Lay contributes greatly to sustainability within stand construction, as the floor is extremely suitable for frequent reuse.

Alternative to laminate

Loose Lay PVC is a sustainable alternative to traditional laminate. Disassembling laminate for reuse can be difficult and labour-intensive, but with Loose Lay PVC this is no problem at all. There is no risk of breaking off edges, and laying and cleaning up saves time. Take a step towards sustainability within stand construction and choose Loose Lay PVC.

Need double-sided carpet tape?

To fix Loose Lay in an exhibition stand over 20 m², it is recommended to use double-sided carpet tape on the subfloor according to the guidelines below:

< 20 m²: No tape required

20-75 m²: Place tape along the edges.

> 75 m²: Place tape along the edges and crosswise in the middle.

Go to Carpet tape

Highly wear-resistant

NordicFloor Loose Lay floor elements have excellent resistance to scratches, dents and other possible damage. Thanks to their high wear resistance, Loose Lay elements can be reused in different projects. The Wear Layer (Protective top layer) of the NordicFloor Loose Lay has a thickness of 0.55 mm, which shows that these floor elements are exceptionally resistant to wear and tear.

Create atmosphere on the exhibition floor

The floor of an exhibition stand has a major impact on the overall appearance. NordicFloor offers you the opportunity to create a warm atmosphere with various shades of wood look . The lifelike motifs and textures of the Loose Lay PVC elements help you quickly create a warm look at your stand or other location. You can also choose a trendy, modern look with the contemporary concrete look.

About NordicFloor

NordicFloor is a leading supplier of looselay PVC flooring and is known for their innovation in minimising shrinkage and expansion of the floors when temperatures vary. This is crucial, as temperature fluctuations can normally have a major impact on flooring materials, leading to bulges and unevenness. NordicFloor’s floors are therefore ideally suited under these challenging stand construction conditions.

There is a wide range of designs and colours and the emphasis is on durability and recycling.

FAQ about NordicFloor

What is PVC Loose Lay?

“Loose lay” PVC is a flooring material made of PVC and used without traditional adhesives or fasteners. This type of flooring is designed to lie directly on the subfloor; installation and removal is relatively easy. It comes as tiles/planks and is often an alternative to vinyl flooring and other hard flooring materials. It has a non-slip underside, allowing the floor to stay in place without glue. The tiles or planks can be easily installed and replaced which makes it suitable for temporary applications such as an exhibition stand.

What is unique about NordicFloor Loose Lay?

NordicFloor Loose Lay has innovative and unique properties that ensure durability and ease of use. These floorboards do not shrink or expand at temperature differences between 0 and 45 degrees Celsius. Compared to other suppliers, where the range is between 14 and 28 degrees Celsius, NordicFloor therefore offers significantly more resistance to large temperature fluctuations. In addition, the underside of NordicFloor features a unique non-slip honeycomb structure. This keeps the floorboards firmly in place without fixing them.

Is NordicFloor Loose Lay fireproof?

NordicFloor Loose Lay has the fire safety certificate Bfl-s1.

What is the difference between PVC and laminate?

Loose Lay PVC floors are made of durable PVC material. These floors are laid on the substrate without glue. It is water-resistant and can be used in damp rooms. It is resistant to wear and tear and scratches.
Laminate floors consist of several layers, including a wood fibre core. This is installed using a click system or glue. It is generally less water-resistant than PVC. Laminate is more susceptible to scratches and dents compared to PVC.

Can PVC Loose Layer expand or shrink?

PVC can expand or shrink with temperature variations. Loose Lay floors must acclimatise in the room where they are installed. NordicFloor Loose Lay is unique and suitable for rooms with temperature differences between 0 – 45 degrees Celcius unlike other PVC Loose Lay floors where this range is between 14-28 degrees. NordicFloor Loose Lay has a minimum shrinkage of 0.05%, which in other Loose Lay standard is 0.15%

How often can Loose Lay PVC be reused?

Loose lay PVC flooring is designed to be used multiple times on different projects. Therefore, ideal for stand construction or other temporary projects. Due to the durable property of Loose Lay PVC, it can be reapplied at least 5 to 10 times. In case of damage to a single floor element, it can also be exchanged very quickly with a new plank.

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