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A wide variety of tapes are used in event and stand construction. As this industry often consists of temporary projects, stand products and components also need to be removed again. Many tapes leave adhesive residue behind, damaging the material or requiring cleaning first when applied to new projects. Velcro Velcro is another type of tape for attaching panels to stand frames. Exposupply has a range of tapes ideally suited for application in stand construction.

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Focused on stand construction

Using double-sided carpet tapes for temporarily fixing carpet (tiles) saves on labour time and cleaning costs. Field and competition tests show that our carpet tapes are stronger, faster to fix and easier to remove. 

This range also offers you tapes for taping carpet edges, protecting floors, fixing cables and hanging posters and plates. These tapes all promote fast exhibition stand construction and clean dismantling.

What makes ExpoTape unique?

Because Exposupply’s background comes from stand construction, there is knowledge and experience of which tapes are ideally suited for application in different areas of this industry. Therefore, contact us for advice on which tapes to apply

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Velcro tape

Velcro tape consists of two parts: a hook tape and a loop tape. The hook tape – which is the hard side – is stuck to the frames of the modular aluminium stand construction system. The loop tape – the soft side – is stuck to the panel. For proper fastening, you need both hook and loop. Velcro is the registered brand name of the manufacturer Velcro. These are available in various colours and sizes at Exposupply.

Gaffer tape / Duct tape

Gaffer tape and Duct tape both feature a linen backing. Therefore, these tapes are also called linen tape or cloth tape. 

Duct tape is generally used to repair something permanently so it is important that the adhesive has a strong adhesion to the substrate. Duct tape is somewhat thinner, difficult to remove and leaves adhesive residue when you remove it.  

Gaffer tape, on the other hand, is mostly used to temporarily create a good bond with the substrate because the tape can often be removed cleanly. Gaffer tape therefore does not leave any glue residue. 

Gaffer tape is also easier to tear off, both lengthwise and widthwise.


The best-known and most frequently used gaffer tape is from the Nichiban brand. Genuine Nichiban tape is very easy to recognise. Nichiban tape always has a printed sleeve with the text Nichiban.