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sku: LAN-070

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Select connection
IEC (C13-C14) Wieland GST18
Select color temperature
The higher the Kelvin number, the cooler the light color. The lower the Kelvin number, the warmer the color.
Neutral white (4000k) Cool white (5700k)

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Product information

NOVI-70 Display spot – The most powerful lighting solution on the market

  • 70 W
  • Most powerful display spot in the market
  • Suitable for great height, such as banner lighting
  •  Built-in driver
  • Output up to 8700 lumens
  • Safety ring fitted as standard
  • Available in 4000K or 5700K
  • Linkable with IEC C13-C14 or Wieland GST18 connection
  • CE, TUV-GS certification


Display spot for great heights

The NOVI-70 Display Spot is an impressive lighting solution with an output of no less than 70 watts. With its unmatched power and performance, this display spot is the ideal choice for high-altitude applications such as banner lighting. If you are looking for a powerful lighting solution that ensures optimum visibility and impact, the NOVI-70 Display Spot is the right choice.

Up to 8700 lumens

The NOVI-70 Display Spot’s built-in driver ensures stable operation and easy installation. With a light output of up to 8700 lumens, this spotlight offers unprecedented brightness and lighting power. Whether you have a large stand at a trade fair, want to illuminate a banner or provide an event with powerful lighting, the NOVI-70 Display Spot always delivers the desired results.

Standard safety ring

Safety comes first with the NOVI-70 Display spot. The spot is fitted with a safety ring as standard, guaranteeing optimum safety. This is particularly important in high-altitude applications, where safety is essential. With the NOVI-70 Display Spot, you can set up your lighting system with peace of mind, knowing that safety is guaranteed.

4000 Kelvin or 5700 Kelvin

The NOVI-70 Display Spot is available in two different colour temperatures: neutral white (4000 Kelvin) and cold white (5700 Kelvin). This allows you to create the desired atmosphere and look to suit your specific application. Whether you want to achieve a bright and cool effect or create neutral and natural lighting, the NOVI-70 Display Spot offers the flexibility to meet your needs.


With the ability to interconnect the NOVI-70 Display Spot, you can easily connect multiple spots together. This can be done using the IEC C13-C14 or Wieland GST18 connection, allowing you to create a seamless lighting setup that perfectly suits the layout and needs of your stand or event.

The NOVI-70 Display Spot complies with CE and TUV-GS certification, which guarantees safety and quality. These certifications confirm that the display spot meets the industry’s strict standards and regulations, allowing you to confidently trust the quality and reliability of this product.

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What makes this Display Spot unique?

display spots Exposupply mounting clips

Clips for every system


Pendelspots eenvoudig doorkoppelen

Easy to connect

What makes this Display Spot unique?

The Display spots have been developed by Exposupply itself. The spots are available with a Wieland connection or an ordinary power cable IEC (C13-C14). Thanks to the connection with in input and an output, multiple spots can easily be linked together using connection cables, which are available in various lengths.

The most powerful LED Display Spotlights for booth construction. The NOVI-70 Watt pendant spotlights provide light up to 8700 lumens.


Number switching cycles
Built-in IEC C14 input + IEC C13 output, Built-in Wieland GST18 (Male + Female)
Dimension base
170 x 84 x 52 mm
Clips available
Aluvision, beMatrix, Truss, Safety Ring
Gross weight
1500 g
Storage temperature
-5oC - +40oC
Electr. safety class
Energy label
Energy consumption
Dimension head
150 x 264 x 57 mm
Input power
DC 54V 1,3A
Input Voltage
AC 100-240V
Tilt angle
Color temperature
Neutral white (4000k), Cool white (5700k)
Single or Serial connection
LED chip
Number of leds
Led type
Arm length
469 mm
Lamp lifetime
30000 hrs
Light source
8300 lm, 8700 lm
Reflector / Lens
Rotating and tilting
Beam angle
Total dimensions
760 x 264 x 57 mm
Safety cable
Safety ring (Cable not included)
Max linkable
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