MUSA 30 – Tri-color

sku: LDM-030-W346

MUSA 30 – Tri-color

sku: LDM-030-W346

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Product information

MUSA 3-colour downlights

  • 30 Watt
  • Rotate and tilt
  • Switch with 3 colour temperatures (3000K, 4000K and 4700K)
  • 3200 lumens


The MUSA 3-colour Downlights is a versatile and powerful lighting solution. With an output of 30 W, this downlight provides bright and efficient light. Thanks to the swivel and tilt function, you can easily direct the light beam to the desired spot in the room.

3-colour switch

The MUSA 3-colour Downlights features a handy switch that allows you to switch between 3 different colour temperatures. Choose between warm white (3000K), neutral white (4000K) and cool white (4700K), depending on the desired atmosphere and functionality.
With an impressive light output of 3200 lumens, the MUSA Downlights ensures sufficient brightness and illumination in the room. The wide beam angle of 38 degrees ensures targeted light distribution.

The MUSA downlights have a cut-out diameter of 120 mm. The high-quality CRI value of >90 ensures excellent colour rendering, displaying colours realistically and vividly.
Whether in an office, retail space or home, the MUSA 3-colour downlight offers the perfect combination of functionality, flexibility and quality to illuminate any space.

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What makes our downlights unique?


For various applications

What makes our downlights unique?

The tiltable round downlight is unique because of the switch that allows adjustment of the spotlight in 3 colour temperatures. The same downlight can be switched in both 3000K (warm white), 4000K (neutral white) and 5700K (cold white). This gives you optimum flexibility to use the downlights in different applications.


Dimension cut-out
Ø 145 mm
Energy consumption
Input Voltage
AC 220-240V
Tilt angle
Color temperature
Tri-color (3000K + 4000K + 5700K)
LED chip
Lamp lifetime
50000 hrs
Light source
3200 lm
Rotating and tilting
Rotating and tilting
Beam angle
Total dimensions
140 mm
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