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Return & Warranty

You will find answers to questions about the return process and warranty policy here.

Return Policy

Inspection and return policy

  1. The customer must inspect the items for defects within 48 hours of delivery. The customer is expected, in the context of this inspection, to inspect the packaging material and/or surface protection foils that are to be delivered or/are to be removed.
  2. The quantities such as the cargo manifests, delivery receipts or such documents that are listed, are deemed to be correct if not immediately after receipt and prior to processing and/or operation is reclaimed and is not registered in the consignment note or delivery receipt.
  3. Reclaims on the basis of external visible defects shall lapse if the client does not immediately, on receipt of the items on the consignment note or evidence of receipt of the said alleged defect is noted. Delivery takes place – by a transport company designated by Exposupply – at the address and for the account of the customer. When shipping outside of the Netherlands Exposupply shall observe international export requirements. Delivery costs for export documents are for the account of the customer.
  4. All other possible defects described under paragraphs 2 and 3 must, within 5 days after the defect was identified, at least in all reasonableness determine, in writing an accurate description of the type and grounds of the complaints of clients, that are reported to Exposupply.
  5. After the expiry of the deadline for reclaims the customer can only make an appeal based on the lack in the performance, when facts and circumstances are recognised that this lack came into existence by interference of Exposupply.
  6. No reclaims are accepted on items, which have been opened fully or partially or partially processed and/or operated. Defects in a portion of the delivered goods shall not give the right to refuse all the delivered goods.
  7. Return shipment of the delivered goods is prohibited without the express written authorisation of Exposupply. Return shipments are primarily at the expense and risk of the customer. If Exposupply considers the complaint justified Exposupply shall reimburse the return costs to the customer, insofar as they are provable and reasonable.
  8. Defects in a portion of the delivered goods shall not give the right to refuse all the delivered goods.
  9. If the reclaim is justified, Exposupply shall make its choice of either a pay fair compensation – not exceeding the invoice value of the rejected part of the items delivered – or replace the item(s) on return of the original delivery. Intangible damage and damage suffered by third parties and/or other damages other than direct financial loss will never be compensated.

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