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LED floodlights are the most powerful lights available for stand construction. With a very high light output of up to 26,000 lumens, LED floodlights are ideal for illuminating an entire stand from a great height. In most cases, floodlights are mounted on a truss system.

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What makes the floodlights unique?

safety ring

Safety ring

Easy to adjust

Barndoors to shield light

What makes the floodlights unique?

Exposupply’s floodlights are made specifically for stand construction. Because they are hung at a great height in an exhibition stand, safety is crucial. Besides the safety ring that comes as standard on the floodlight, the lamps can easily be mounted in the desired position with the rotary knobs on the sides. Floodlights are available with barndoors to prevent glare. These barndoors partially shield the light beam, preventing visitors to the exhibition stand from looking directly into the lamp.

Developed for stand construction

The use of floodlights in stand-building creates special requirements and safety demands. Exposupply’s floodlights are therefore fitted with a safety ring as standard.

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High light output

The floodlights have a light output of up to 26,000 lumens. The built-in lenses ensure optimum light distribution. Available from 30 to 140 degrees.

Long service life

The floodlights have a robust housing for protection during installation and transport. In addition, the built-in Meanwell driver ensures a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Exposupply maintains a 2-year warranty.

Breedstralers Exposupply

PowerCon In + Out

Several Exposupply floodlights are equipped with a PowerCon connection, where there is an Input + Output. This allows the floodlights to be easily connected to each other without providing each lamp with its own power cable.

Truss mounting

With an Easy truss clamp, you quickly and easily mount a floodlight to the truss system. The mounting clamp is first screwed to the lamp and then screwed to the truss. With the specially developed banner pipe, the floodlight can be attached to a truss with a telescopic tube to light, for example, a banner.

Various accessories

Because Exposupply has its roots in stand-building, various accessories have also been developed to further enhance your ease of use. Suspension clamps, transport trolleys, diffuse panels, safety cables, etc. are available.

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