Carpet tape – Double-sided PP – 25mm x 50m

sku: TST-25-DNH

Carpet tape – Double-sided PP – 25mm x 50m

sku: TST-25-DNH

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Leaves no glue residues

Smooth and rough surfaces


Product information

Discover the efficiency and quality of Exposupply’s double-sided carpet tapes. With our tapes, you save significantly on labour time and cleaning costs. Field and competition tests show that our tapes are stronger, faster to fix and better to remove than alternatives.
In the dynamic environment of trade fairs and events, where every second counts, our carpet tapes offer the perfect solution without compromising on quality. Our tapes are suitable for both smooth and rough surfaces. For smooth surfaces the tape is hand tearable, for rough surfaces the non-hand tearable is suitable.
At Exposupply, quality comes first. We guarantee the highest quality of our tapes, when removed the tapes leave no adhesive residue. Exposupply’s carpet tapes ensure seamless installation and removal, leaving your surfaces clean and undamaged.
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– General use in production and construction

– Multi-purpose use for general mounting and fastening

– Securing carpet, specially designed for trade fairs and conferences

– Fastening of plastic and wooden trim

– Mounting of decorative POS materials and displays

– Fastening of signs and scales

– Temporary fastening applications for industrial use


Adhesion on steel (N/25mm)
Mounting side 18, laminate side 8
Tensile strength (N/25mm)
0,12 mm
Glue residue
25 mm
50 meter
Double-sided Supermount 25107
Working temperatur
-10 ºC - +75 ºC
Quantity in box
48 rolls
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Frequently Asked Questions

For which surfaces is the carpet tape suitable?
The carpet tape is suitable for various surfaces thanks to two variants:
– Carpet tape with linen structure. This is hand tearable and ideal for rough surfaces.
– Thin polypropylene carpet tape. This is non-hand tearable and suitable for smooth surfaces.
Does the carpet tape leave adhesive residues?

Our carpet tapes do not leave adhesive residues. They are designed for easy removal, leaving surfaces clean and residue-free. This not only simplifies cleaning, but also protects the quality of carpets and other surfaces, keeping them looking their best during the event.

What do you use carpet tape for in stand construction?

Double-sided carpet tapes secure PVC floors, rugs and carpet tiles to the surface.

What should I consider when buying carpet tape?

Important when choosing carpet tape is that it adheres well, is quick to apply and easy to remove after the event. This not only saves valuable time, but also lowers labour costs and minimises cleaning up afterwards.

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