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VELCRO® Velcro

Are you a stand builder looking for a reliable and versatile solution for fixing panels, signs and other materials? Get to know VELCRO® Velcro! VELCRO® Velcro hook or loop is a high-quality self-adhesive Velcro with an Acrylic adhesive with impressive adhesive strength.

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Suitable for various surfaces

Suitable for various surfaces with the PS30 adhesive, VELCRO® Velcro is ideal for use on various surfaces, such as aluminium, stainless steel, glass, MDF, Forex, dibond, polyester and many more. Whether you want to attach panels to a frame, hang signs on walls or create flexible displays, VELCRO® Velcro offers the perfect solution.

What makes VELCRO® Velcro even more attractive to stand builders is its availability in different widths and colours. Whether you are looking for a subtle black hook and loop fastener that fits seamlessly into your design, or want to use a striking colour to attract attention, VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners offer the flexibility you need.

In addition, VELCRO® Velcro is easy to use. With the adhesive backing, you can quickly and easily apply the Velcro to the desired surface. No need to worry about the hassle of drilling, screws or nails. With VELCRO® Velcro, you can work quickly and efficiently, without compromising on the quality and strength of the fastener.

In summary, as a stand builder you cannot do without VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners. Benefit from the versatility, durability and ease of use of VELCRO® hook and loop Velcro. Discover the different widths and colours available.

Don’t wait any longer and experience the benefits of VELCRO® hook and loop Velcro for stand builders for yourself. Simplify your installation processes, save valuable time and deliver a professional result with VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners.


VELCRO® Companies is a globally renowned company specialising in innovative hook and loop fastener solutions. The company has a long history of developing and manufacturing Velcro products used in a wide range of applications and industries.


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