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Display spots suitable for Aluvision

The display spots from Exposupply can be easily mounted on the modular stand construction system Aluvision using a self-developed mounting clip.

The display spots from Exposupply are robust and have a high light output, ensuring that your booth is perfectly illuminated. Additionally, these spots can be interconnected, allowing you to link multiple spots together. This provides you with the flexibility to adjust the lighting according to your customer’s preferences. Moreover, these display spots are designed for frequent use, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

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Aluvision pendelspot bevestigingsclip

Aluvision: Modular Stand Construction System

The modular stand construction system Aluvision is an innovative and sustainable system that is highly suitable for stand builders. The system consists of aluminum frames that can be quickly and easily connected without the need for tools. Due to the modular structure of the system, you can endlessly vary the shape and size of your booth.

In addition to being easy to assemble and disassemble, the system also offers many possibilities for integrating audiovisual equipment and LED lighting. This not only creates a professional appearance but also provides an optimal experience for your visitors.

The Aluvision system is not only flexible in its usage but also durable. Thanks to the high-quality materials, the system will last for years. Furthermore, the system is produced with respect for the environment, making use of recycled materials wherever possible.

The Aluvision stand construction system is suitable for various applications such as trade show booths, showrooms, displays, and interior design. Whether you are looking for a booth for a large trade show or a small stand for a local event, with Aluvision, you can always create a customized booth that perfectly suits your needs.

Aluvision frames
Aluvision frames

Mounting clip Aluvision 

The mounting clip developed by Exposupply for the modular frames of Aluvision is easy to install. No tools are required. Simply slide the clip into the slots of the aluminum profiles of the Aluvision frame, and then you can attach the display spots to the universal rails of the clip. This allows you to quickly and easily place and adjust your lighting on your booth, saving you valuable time during setup and teardown.

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Aluvision pendelspot bevestigingsclip

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