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Gaffer Tape exhibition

In the world of exhibition construction, stages, theaters, and studios, there is one tape that stands out when it comes to safely and professionally securing electrical cords and cables: gaffer tape. This versatile tape is also known as gaffa tape, duct tape, or stage tape and offers numerous benefits for professionals in the industry.

What makes gaffer tape so special? First and foremost, it is a matte tape that perfectly complements the professional look of exhibition stands, stages, and other event venues. Its subtle finish ensures that the tape does not reflect and therefore remains inconspicuous, keeping the focus entirely on the presentation and event experience.

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Another important feature of gaffer tape is its easy handling. This tape can be easily torn by hand, saving time and tools. Whether you need a small piece of tape or want to use a long strip, gaffer tape effortlessly adapts to your needs.

But the greatest advantage of gaffer tape is its effortless removal without leaving any adhesive residue. After your event or project, you can remove the tape without any worries about damaging floors, walls, or other surfaces. This not only saves time during cleanup but also potential costs for repairing damages.

At Exposupply, we understand the importance of high-quality gaffer tape in exhibition construction. That’s why we not only offer the best brands on the market but have also developed our own brand of Gaffer Tape. With our Exposupply Gaffer Tape, you can be assured of the highest quality and reliability.


Expotape Sample Box

Order the Expotape Sample Box and experience the performance of, among others, gaffer tape for yourself. The ExpoTape Sample Box consists of 5 rolls of tape and a test strip of Velcro that are particularly suitable for application in exhibition construction.

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