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Difference between Lumen and Lux

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The terms Lux and Lumen are often used interchangeably. The EU has issued a guideline that all lamps have to be provided with a Lumen value indicating how much light the lamp emits. This applies to LED lighting as well as incandescent lamps, halogen lighting and HQI lamps. 

Lux is used as a value to show the amount of light per square meter. 1 lux equals 1 lumen per square metre (m²).

Verhouding Lumen en Lux

When all the light from a 1000-lumen lamp reaches a 1m2 surface, the lux value on that surface is 1000 Lux. The greater the distance from the lamp to the surface, the less light reaches that surface.

Lumen en Lux

The Lumen of a lamp is measured in a photometric laboratory with special equipment, which measures the amount of light, direction and colour that a lamp emits. These variables are expressed in the Lumen value. 


How much Lux do you need?
The amount of light you need strongly depends on the application. A cozy sitting room is completely different from a doctor who needs light to perform an operation. 

The European Union has set standards for lux values in various environments. See the following NEN standards for workplace lighting:

Hoeveelheid Lux per toepassing