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NordicFloor Loose Lay PVC: The perfect flooring solution for stand construction with large temperature differences

Application in case of large temperature differences

In the dynamic world of stand construction, where exhibition stands are built in a variety of conditions, it is essential to choose flooring materials that can withstand large temperature differences. NordicFloor Loose Lay PVC is the solution for stand-building professionals who need a floor that remains just as stable in the cold build-up phase as during the warmer exhibition days.


No shrinking or expansion

One of NordicFloor’s distinctive features is its unique ability to shrink or expand minimally, even under extreme temperature fluctuations.

Standard Loose Lay PVC has a range of acceptable floor expansion and contraction that varies between 17 and 28 degrees Celsius.

With NordicFloor Loose Lay PVC, this range is between 0 and 45 degrees Celsius !

This means stand builders do not have to worry about unwanted chinks or bulges in the floor, even when the exhibition hall is cold during set-up and the temperature suddenly rises during the exhibition days.


Stability from the first day to the end of the event

Whether it is a short-term event or a long-term exhibition, NordicFloor guarantees that the floor will remain as sleek and stable as on the first day of installation. This means exhibitors and visitors do not have to worry about the impact of temperature fluctuations on the quality of the floor. NordicFloor ensures a professional appearance regardless of temperature variations.

In the world of stand building, where the success of an event partly depends on the presentation of the exhibition stand, NordicFloor Loose Lay PVC is the ideal choice for floor covering. NordicFloor provides the look needed to impress, regardless of the ambient conditions. Make a statement with a floor that is as dynamic as the world of stand building.